Year 1

We are Ladybirds, Butterflies and Dragonflies

This half term we will be learning all about Space.  We have already had an exciting topic launch where the children were immersed in a Virtual Reality Space experience.  

In Maths we will be learning how to tell the time and to measure length and weight.  We will also be learning about Multiplication and Division.  In Science we will be learning about materials and their purpose.  We will also look at the changing seasons and signs of winter.  

In English we will be looking at the features of fiction and non-fiction texts.  We will focuse on non-fiction and produce our own information texts about Space.   In Art & Design we will be designing and making jet packs and rockets.  We will also make 3D Diaramas showing the planets.

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For more information on the Curriculum and the topics we have planned for the next year, see *here*.

 If your child would like to work on an optional challenge activity, please choose one from *here* and ensure your child brings their completed project in to school by Monday 11th December.