Year 2

We are Woodpeckers, Finches and Owls

Our topic this half term is "Sugar and Spice and all things nice!"  We launched the topic by recreating "The Marshmallow Experimentt" with cake.  The children also carried out a scientific experiment by observing what happens to sweets in different liquids.  

In English we will be exploring different types of poetry and launching our Author of the Month: Michael Rosen.  In Maths we will be revisiting multiplication and division as well as fractions.  We will also be measuring and weighing when the children make their own sweets to enjoy at our Film Night on Monday 26th March (directly after the Magic Show).

See this half terms' Newsletter  for further information.

If your child would like to work on an optional homework challenge, please see *here* to see what inspires them.   Please make sure your child brings their completed project in to school by Monday 19th March, and we will display and celebrate their hard work.

For more information on the Curriculum and the topics we have planned for the next year, see *here*.