Our Vision

We are a friendly, welcoming and caring school placed at the very heart of our community.  When a child steps through our doors the whole of their family become part of our Padnell family.  Relationships are at the centre of everything we do.  

We believe that school should not only provide the very best of opportunities to achieve academically but also develop life skills to keep our children happy and safe in the future.

As ‘Giving Citizens’, we teach our children to respect their parents, teachers and friends and most of all themselves.  Building on this they will develop a sense of community spirit, with a strong social conscience, recognising their impact on others and the environment.  We aim to create a community of ‘Giving Citizens’ who respect and value everyone no matter what their culture or background.  A community which works together to enable all members to thrive and be strong in body, brain and heart.  A community where friendships blossom and support is only a hand reach away.  A community where everyone makes a positive contribution and has a sense of belonging.

As ‘Resilient Learners’, we aim for our children to value education and together with their parents recognise the doors it can open and dreams it can fulfil. Through our rich and varied curriculum we will provide the building blocks of education ensuring that our children continue to be excited to learn and will always strive to do their best.  Our Learners will know that they can’t do everything ‘yet’ but with determination, encouragement and the right resources they can achieve anything they wish.  Our children will learn to recognise their own emotions and recognise when they or others may need support.

Celebrating individuality, we recognise ’Original Thinkers’ and provide an environment for the ‘unique’ child to flourish in whatever talents or interests they have.  We provide a safe but risk taking environment where success is built on a bed of failed attempts and all children grow their problem solving, creative and independence skills. 

As ‘Wise Workers’ we will teach the children to understand the importance of hard work and being self-motivated and how developing skills such as listening, concentration, making connections, rehearsing and contributing will help them achieve in the future.