The Staff

In this section you can meet the members of staff that make up Padnell Infant School  

Mrs Grayson
(Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Young
(Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

            Year R Teachers                   Year 1 Teachers           Year 2 Teachers 
            Mrs Glanville (part time)         Mr Hall                           Mrs Barnett (part time)
            Mrs Howell (part time)            Mrs Kernot (maternity)   Mrs Edwards
            Mrs Inche                                Miss Marks                    Mrs Henderson
            Mrs Pendry                             Miss Tuck                       Mrs Porter                                                                                               

SENCO/Inclusion Co-Ordinator/Behaviour Lead
Mrs Porter (Part Time)
 Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

 Emotional Literacy, Support Assistant (ELSA)
Mrs Burgess
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Albusaidi

Speech & Language Lead
Mrs Fowler

Home Link
Ms Foster (Part Time)   Maternity Leave from July 2021

Support Staff
Mrs Berry
Mrs Dunaway
Mrs Fowler
Mrs Frankenfield
Mrs Hall
Miss Harbour
Mrs Hawkins (Part Time)
Mrs Hoy (Part Time)
Mrs Jackson (Part Time)
Mrs Kates
Mrs Lelliott
Mrs McVittie
Mrs Papageorgiou
Mrs Richards
Mrs Searle
Mrs Swaine
Miss Whatsize  
Mrs Wilson

Mrs Papageorgiou

Mrs Blackham – Admin Officer
Mrs Harvey – Senior Admin Assistant (part time)
Mrs Thundercliffe – Senior Admin Assistant (part time)

Senior Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Whatsize
Midday Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Albusaidi
Mrs Bramwell
Mrs Cushion
Mrs Day
Mrs Hubbard
Mrs Hynd
Mrs McVittie
Mrs Papageorgiou
Mrs Searle
Miss Wrixon

Site Manager

Mr Grayson

Miss Carter

Crafty Club
Miss Harbour (afternoon)
Mrs Hoy (morning)
Mrs Kates (morning)
Mrs Papageorgiou (morning)
Mrs Sandford (afternoon)