Year 1

We are Ladybirds, Butterflies and Dragonflies

Our topic this half term is "Fire! Fire!"    Our Fire topic got off to an exciting start with us lighting a fire and watching how different materials burn.  We will continue to explore materials and how they are used in Science.

We will be reading "Toby and the great fire of London".  We will be writing story events from the perspective of a character.  We are also writing firework poetry and letters to Father Christmas.  We will be focussing on writing sentences using "and" to add more information and carefully thinking about the language we use.

In Maths we will be exploring repeated addition, grouping and sharing.  We will be practising counting in 1s and 2s forward and back to 50, and doubling and halving numbers to 20.  We will then move on to recognising and naming shape before continuing our work on place value and solving problems linked to addition and subtraction.

For more information on the Curriculum and the topics we have planned, see *here*.