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Every parent needs a little help from time to time to manage the changing needs of their child.  This area of our website provides you with some key ideas to help empower you to take control and find positive solutions.  By starting with the basics of sleep, diet, routines, boundaries feelings and emotions etc  you your child and your family can go a long way to achieving a better life for you all.  Please click on the links below for support and reach out to the wealth of organisations detailed in the toolkit, who are there to support you with these aspects of family life.   

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Dealing with Outbursts

Did you know Flyer - Anxiety Worries

Wellbeing Support Pathway Tool

HENRY Healthy Families Growing Up Leaflet

Things to do when you're feeling strong emotions

Young Mind Conversation starters

Back to Basics Wellbeing Videos | Off The Record (South East Hampshire) (

Zones of Regulation & Behaviour System 

Behaviour Leaflet (Rewards and Sanctions)

Green, Amber & Red Behaviours

Zones of Regulation Parent Leaflet

Blue Zone

Green Zone

Yellow Zone

Red Zone