Reading Websites

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The school has access to a wide range of E-Books that are levelled at the children's book band levels for them to access and read at home. These include a variety of fiction and nonfiction books and linked questions, and can be accessed on computers, tablets and mobile phones. In order to access these ebooks.

Select 'Student Login'.

Please search for our school by name (Padnell Infant school), then the log in details are as follows:

Date of birth: Day: 1

Month: January

First letter of surname: A

Year: 1 

Then click log in. 

Once logged in, you can filter books by your child's current book band colour and choose a book they would like to read. There is also an option to answer questions related to the book from the available options.

(Please note, there is may be an issue with access via android mobile phones which their developers are looking into, however it can be accessed on other android devices).


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Oxford Owl Login details