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Reading Videos


 Lilac Reading Level

Pink Reading Level


Red & Yellow Reading Level: Green & Blue Reading Level: Orange & Turquoise Reading Level: Purple & Gold Reading Level:

Read to Succeed Booklet - How to support your child with reading at home


Phonics Workshop Presentation 2018

Phonics Games & Activities

Sound Mat Phase 2 Page 1

Sound Mat Phase 2 Page 2

Sound Mat Phase 3 1st Page

Sound Mat Phase 3 2nd Page

Sound Mat Phase 5 1st Page

Sound Mat Phase 5 2nd Page


Handwriting Booklet for Parents

Handwriting Workshop Presentation 2018 

Cursive Handwriting Mat


Maths Workshop Presentation 2018

Maths Workshop Visual Calculation Policy

Celebrating Maths Video Ages 4 to 5

Celebrating Maths Video Ages 6 to 7