Parent’s Voice

Here at Padnell we strongly believe that your views count!  We encourage you to take an active part in your child’s education and get involved in school life as much as your individual personal circumstances allow.

We regularly ask you for feedback in the form of questionnaires or you can email the school office, call to arrange an appointment or Mrs Grayson makes herself available on the school playground before and after school.

Whatever your views, whether offering a suggestion as to how we can improve, expressing your appreciation regarding a situation or airing a complaint we want to hear from you.  By sharing this honest and open communication we can work together to ensure we provide the very best for your child. 

Here are some of the comments we have received from our Parents/Carers:

Comments from Governor Question at Parents’ Evening – October 2018

Q – Either joining our school or moving from one year to the next can be tricky for children.  What is your opinion on how the school manages this process and prepares your child for their next step in learning?

My child was ready to start in Year R because of all the Stay & Play sessions and the lunch in the Summer.

Our son has just joined Reception.  It’s been a great experience: everyone helpful, no problems at all.

All excellent, can’t complain or find fault in anything.  Lots of pre-meeting and information.  My child seemed confident and excited.

Excellent.  Our child has settled into his first school amazingly.

Really well.  Love this school!

Padnell Infants has been responsible for our daughters’ success, she adores her teachers and the transition into Year 1 was faultless.  Excellent work.

They have made the transition very easy for my son and support him, and I, in helping him to do the best he can.  They have been a great support.

Managed well, certainly no issues from our perspective.

I think the school does a great job in helping children to settle in.

I fell that the transitioning from pre-school to Year R was good for my child as the teachers visit really helped my child settle in well.

Found all the staff have been very professional and encouraging, approachable.

I am very happy with the way the school has transition days to settle the children in and ease their worries of meeting new teachers and friends.  The school is a wonderful network with a family feel.

Summer 2018

“Thank you for all your support and encouragement over the last 3 years.  My son has continued to learn despite many challenges but the school have instilled their values of resilience with him.”

“All the teachers my daughter has had have encouraged her throughout and I am delighted with how far she has come.  I would like to thank all those involved with teaching my daughter, we have both enjoyed her time at Padnell.”

“Our daughter’s progress over her journey with Padnell has been amazing to watch.  The help and support, which all the teachers and teaching assistants and lunchtime supervisors have given her has not gone amiss and built her confidence.”

“Thank you all for being so supportive throughout my daughter’s school journey at Padnell.”

“We are very pleased with the progress our child has made this year and with everything she has achieved.  We would like to thank everyone for all their hard work and support.”

“Our daughter has really enjoyed her first year at Padnell.  We have really seen fantastic growth both physically and mentally.  She really enjoys school, making friends and loves her learning experience.”

“Thank you for being amazing teachers! “

“Thank you for everything you have done this year.  The whole Padnell team have been so welcoming and supportive.  Our daughter has thrived in her first year of school.”

“We have been over the moon with the teaching and learning our chid has had in Year 1.  A massive thank you to her teacher, the Year 1 team and Mrs Grayson (along with everyone else involved). “

“Our daughter is thriving and you are educating the whole child and not just her English and Maths skills.  We are super happy parents!”

Responses from the Fathers, Uncles, Dads, Grandads and Everyone Else Male after FUDGE Day (October 2017)

I had an excellent day.  All students listened and followed instructions.  They were careful workers and demonstrated imagination.  Well done!

This was my third year, and I've enjoyed it as much as the first - in fact, I'd like to do this every year!

A very enjoyable morning!  It was great to see all of the children interacting well and what a great job all of the teachers are doing!

A great chance to show off my car and meet some very well behaved children.  Thank you for all polishing my car!

I had a great time making fruit pizzas with the children.  They were all very well behaved and enjoyed the session.

A lovely day.  The Year 1 children were beautifully behaved.  A great way to involve male relatives.  Thank you.

Thank you for a very lovely day.  I have really enjoyed being invited into school today.  It is so lovely to meet all the children and staff and to be part of their learning.

Governor Questions as Parents Evening (October 2017)

Staff are warm, friendly and approachable.

Our child has settled very well and is loving school.  We are amazed at how quickly he has picked up reading and enjoying watching him progress.  The staff here are very friendly and approachable.

We feel that everyone has made the effort to get to know our child and she's confident in school as a result.

My child has settled well with her new teacher - she feels confident with what is expected of her and thrives on the learning tasks provided.

Our children are always happy and excited to come to school.  Excellent teachers and both girls are receiving fantastic education here.

My son has always been given the support that he has needed.  The teachers throughout the school have always been helpful, caring and understanding.  I am so pleased I chose this school!  

Loving school and teachers!  Great learning environment.

From Parents who have moved into the area and joined our school:

"I remember the day we met you and your team like it was yesterday and since then we have enjoyed being part of the Padnell family.  Your school is a great place for children to learn but also discover what type of young people they would like to be.  Your values are so wonderful and the way you include parents into the school life is lovely.  I would recommend Padnell in a heartbeat."

"I would like to say thank you to you and your school for all the efforts in helping settling our daughter into your school.  She has settled in so well and absolutely loves coming to school.  That gives us as parents such confidence in your school.  You and your team have definitely helped in making that possible and means so much to us.  A special thank you to Miss Peck.  She has made such a difference in our daughter's life.  The kindness and understanding she has shown her from the first day has contributed tremendously to her settling in.  Thank you once again for doing such a great job at your school."

"Our daughter was sad to leave her old school behind but Padnell have been wonderful in helping her settle in and has made some lovely friends." 

"We expected our daughter moving school to be more challenging and did not expect her to adapt so well.  I would like to say thank you to you and your staff for all the efforts in helping her settle into school.  She absolutely loves coming to school.  That gives us, as parents, such confidence in your school.  You and your team have definitely helped in making that possible and means so much to us.  Thank you once again for doing such a great job."

About our School:

"My wife and I have been very impressed by the school so far.  We really like the style of learning that you provide, namely looking at what interests a child and teaching through their interests, rather than imposing a "one size fits all" style.  I was also very pleased that the school encourages outside play and exploration as I think this is very important for a boy (the piles of building materials and bug farms were particularly good).  We were also very happy with the Parent Workshops which have so far proved to be very informative and useful.  All in all we feel you are doing a very good job."

"Really appreciate the friendliness of the receptionists and Headteacher throughout the whole transition process and the understanding that my son was the only one from his pre-school and that Padnell wasn't our first choice.  So far, so good!"

Autumn 2017

"I am writing to thank you for your support since our child joined the school during the Summer term.  From first impressions we found you friendly, child focused and understanding of our child's needs.  The staff at Padnell have been professional, very friendly and flexible when working around the children.  Mrs Burgess, your ELSA has always made time for our concerns and has helped our child feel happy coming to school.

She has settled quickly and I feel this is down to such a positive supportive environment and she finds having animals around very therapeutic.  Your summer school has helped our child make great progress with her reading as well as helping her to cope with returning to school after the holidays.

I can't fault the experience we have had with Padnell and would like to thank all the staff for providing such a positive environment for our daughter to thrive."

Summer 2017

"I just wanted to thank you for organising such a lovely event (Service Family Picnic), for the military children/families.

My son and I had a wonderful time, he told his dad all about it last night on FaceTime, even about the invisible string."

"I wanted to say thank you for the very hard work that Mrs Fowler has put in to support our son with his speech and language development.  He has, of course, worked very hard but having Mrs Fowler there and doing the work with him has been key for his development since she started her new post.  Our son now no longer requires any more support with his speech which is incredible."

Spring 2017

"I just want to say Thank you to the lovely people and school staff that organise the brilliant events like the Magic Show that benefit our children and more specifically because yesterday our son came home with a really nice substitute to the Easter Egg.  It's really tough managing Allergies but Padnell Infants and the PIPSA team have an intelligent, supportive attitude to taking care of the kiddies who can often feel left out and upset by not being able to have the same as everyone else.  I'm so grateful.  He came out smiling yesterday!"

"We just wanted to take the opportunity to say what an amazing team of teachers and teaching assistants our son has around him.  They have guided him and supported him in so many ways since he joined Padnell and we are truly grateful.  I know how important morale is in a team and you reallyl do have the loveliest people working at the school.  Thank you for all you do for our son."

Feedback from parents of children in Year R who joined us in September 2016

"We felt it important to let you know how happy we are at our choice to send our daughter to Padnell Infant School.  In only a short space of time she has grown in confidence and resilience through the hard work and kindness of the adults in her class.  
The staff at Padnell have shown true passion for learning but also educating the whole child.  This can be exemplified by the Night walk, the children "filling someone's bucket up" and that it's important to have a healthy breakfast and drink water. These important life messages are clearly being said to the children on a regular basis and encouraging them to have good habits and mind sets.  There is a real positive buzz about the school; right from the moment we say good morning to John the wonderful Lollipop man, our daughter is running into school with a smile on her face. 

Communication for parents is second to none - emails, the website, letters, coffee mornings... to have so many different ways to keep up with the day to day workings of the school and what is required from us as parents is outstanding.  The staff in the office are so friendly and helpful - you are never worried to ask a silly question or feel like you are bothering someone.  There is a clear sense that the school is encouraging parents to get involved with their child's learning, for instance through the use of resource packs and the Phonics/Maths/ICT sessions put on for parents.  

As a parent, we want to know our child is happy, supported, safe, encouraged and challenged.  I can confidently say she is all of those things and for that, I say thank you."

"You and your team should be congratulated on the great ideas and hard work you put in regarding the extra curricular activities which you run especially those outside of standard school hours which further highlights your genuine wish to maximize the children's potential not just academically but also in 'life skills' as the recent 'night walk' and pumpkin carving afternoon amply demonstrated."