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Welcome to our Virtual Office.  

The school office team comprises of Mrs Blackham, Mrs Harvey and Mrs Thundercliffe.  We are a very friendly, happy and helpful team. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a query or require further information.

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If your child has a medical dietary requirement please complete a Medically Identified Special Diet Application (HC300) form and have your doctor/dietician complete Part B.  Please return it to the School so we can pass to Hc3S.

HC300 Medically Identified Special Diet Application Form

Behaviour Leaflet

Request to authorise absence from school

Information on Penalty Notices (HCC)

Uniform Price List

Change of Contact details form

Letter issuing Medical Questionnaire

Medical Questionnaire

We are able to administer any prescribed medication that is required to be taken 4 times a day, in special circumstances they will administer medication which is required to be taken 3 times a day if the child attends an after-school club.   We need you to complete the form below and hand it in at the office with the medication.  All mediciation needs to be signed in and out of the office, therefore no medication should be put in your child's book bag, thank you.

Parental agreement for school to administer prescribed medication