Christmas Shopping Day

11th December 2018

Christmas shopping day is an opportunity for the children to buy some secret presents for their family, friends and pets.

The main hall will be laid out with lots of stalls with a selection of gifts, ranging from 50p to £2.00.

Each class will be given the opportunity to buy their gifts and then wrap them up.

Please ensure that you child has enough money for the number of presents on their list.

If you would like your child to participate in this event, then on Tuesday 11th December please send your child to school with:-

Plenty of change; please no £10 notes.  Ensure the money is in a named purse or wallet with adequate funds to cover the cost of all the wonderful gifts that your child would like to purchase.

  • A suitable carrier bag or gift bag, with their name on, to bring home their secret presents.
  • Please note that wrapping paper, tags and sellotape will be provided
  • Please complete the form over the page indicating for whom the present is for.
  • Your child needs to bring the attached form with them to school on Tuesday 11th December

 It is a good idea to have a chat with your child before the shopping day so they can think about the type of gift their Grandad/Grandma, Brother/Sister etc may like as a present.  This will make it a bit easier for them on the day.  Please note that this is a whole school event therefore each child can shop for a maximum of 8 people.