Anti Bullying Week - Odd Socks

11th November 2019

The week beginning Monday 11th November is Anti Bullying week.  This is the perfect opportunity to remind the children that “bullying” will not be tolerated at our Padnell Schools.  This must not be confused with supporting children to learn how to interact appropriately with their peers, self-regulate or solve problems without getting aggressive or personal.  As adults it is up to all of us to model these behaviours all of the time.

Both schools will spend time talking about kindness, wellbeing, tolerance etc whilst exploring what bullying is during the week.

We are asking children and staff to wear silly odd socks all week, perhaps saving an especially wacky pair for the Friday which is Children in Need Day with a suggested donation of £1 (in a named envelope in your child’s book bag please). 


Finally, at 2.45pm the children will participate in an anti-bullying march around the school site wearing anti-bullying wristbands and banners that we will have made during the week.