Year 2 Titanic Dress Up Day

8th December 2022

The children have been really enthusiastic about our topic this half term.  To further excite and engage them in their learning, we would like them to take part in a Titanic day where they will have the opportunity to take on the role of a passenger on board the ship.

We ask if you can support the awe and wonder of the day by providing your child with a costume suitable for a passenger in 1912. We have left it quite open in the hope you can create a costume from items the children already have rather than having to purchase anything new.  We have put together some ideas below as to the sort of thing you could wear, however feel free to be creative.

1st class passenger – Long dress, hat, gloves and boots or trousers, waistcoat, tie/ bow tie
2nd class passenger - long skirt and blouse/shirt or trousers waistcoat and flat cap.
3rd class passenger - school skirt or pinafore/ apron with plain white shirt or shirt and trousers. 

We would like the children to come into school wearing their costume. They will not need their uniform on this day.