Forest School Learning

 Forest School Learning is an innovative educational approach to outdoor learning.

Our philosophy is to encourage and inspire our children through positive outdoor experiences.
We take all our children outdoors for Forest School sessions. They get to experience the natural world through pond dipping, bug hunting and sometimes just sitting in a quiet place listening and looking at their world. We teach the children to keep themselves safe whilst using tools such as saws and secateurs.
The children learn to work as a team and solve problems as they go through activities such as making a home for a hedgehog or making a den big enough to sit in.
Our Forest School sessions teach children discreet skills which complement the other areas of the National Curriculum. 
For example all the children in our school have been able to carve out a pumpkin and use the flesh to make pumpkin soup. The pumpkins were then used to make lanterns.  They have been able to use their measuring and mathematical skills to create dens and bridges using natural materials.  We teach they to make fire and cook from scratch and we use this rich landscape to enhance all of our scientific enquiries.
We go into Joey's Field in rain and sunshine. The school provide waterproof trousers and jackets to keep the children clean and dry.
Joey's Field
We are extremely lucky to have a fantastic natural environment for the children to use for Forest School sessions.
Joey's field is a unique resource in our school. It used to be the place where a horse called Joey lived. When he died the owner gave the field to the school for the children to use.
Joey's field is surrounded by beautiful natural woodland with some 300 year old oak trees, many willow and hazel trees and a beautiful pond area.