Remote Education Provision

Accessing remote education
Year R – Home learning will be set and responded to using Tapestry.
Year 1 and 2 – Home learning will be set and responded to using Seesaw.

These are the same platforms that we have been using to set homework since September 2020. If you are still unable to access these platforms or something changes in your situation, which means that doing so becomes more difficult, please let us know so that we can work with you to overcome whatever barriers are in place. You can do this using the schools admin account which is

During this time, we will be doing our best to ensure all pupils receive an equitable education, regardless of where they are learning whether this is at home or in school.

In accordance with government guidance our home learning will:

- Teach a planned and well–sequenced curriculum, adapting current school curriculum planning.

- Set meaningful and ambitious work each day in an appropriate range of subjects.

- Have systems in place to check, daily, whether pupils are engaging with work, working with families to support this.

- Provide teaching that is equivalent in length to the core teaching pupils would receive in school. For KS1 this will be 3 hours a day on average with less for younger children. This will include a blend of:

- live direct teaching/contact time.

- online video lessons both recorded by the school or using pre-recorded materials E.g. Oak National Academy.

- time for pupils to complete tasks and assignments independently.

- consider how to transfer what we already know about effective teaching in the live classroom into remote education.

How we will meet this criteria at Padnell Infant School, while supporting the school community

At Padnell Infant school we are very aware that many parents have pupils in several year groups and often in more than one school or setting. We are also aware that many families will be trying to support their children around their own work commitments. Therefore, to try to support the Padnell Infant school community we:

-  Have worked in partnership with Padnell Junior School, considering how to best complement each other provisions so that parents with children in both schools are supported as much as possible and technology within the home can be shared.

-  Are sending weekly online ‘packs’ of learning so parents/carers can plan learning to fit in with their own commitments, while still supporting children’s learning.

-  Are responding daily to pupils work but checking weekly children’s engagement to support this flexible working approach.

-  Are thinking carefully about the need for printing and where possible reducing this to make it more accessible, however where sheets are essential we will be providing print outs of weekly learning packs for those that need them, which are ready for collection from the office every Monday between 10am -12noon. (If you require these, please let us know via the admin email).

-  Are utilising the maths and English learning packs that we sent home in the Autumn term in case home learning was required again. Please make sure your child has access to these so that they can use them as and when necessary to support them with their learning.

-  Are using a wide range of different activities (not just digital ones) were possible to cover the curriculum and ensure it stays as varied and engaging as possible for children.

-  Will endeavour to provide, at least once a week, a zoom session to share stories, catch up with groups of children and remain connected with the pupils who are not in school.

-  Are providing additional support to SEN pupil’s as much as possible in-line with what they would receive in school.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school on the admin email above.