School Council

Every pupil in our school has a voice as we believe that even our very youngest members can make valuable contributions.

At the beginning of each year, one child from each KS1 class is selected by their peers to represent their class and put forward their views.  These children stay in post for a term and attend regular committee meetings to discuss school issues.

Our new team, led by Miss Tuck, will be appointed after class elections.  They will be taught how to conduct themselves in meeting, take minutes, offer feedback and put forward their point of view. They have the role of collecting their peers points of view and acting as the voice for all the children.

We have recently asked children in Year 2 to apply for the positions of Play Leaders and Lunchtime Leaders in our school  We were full of pride to receive the following video applications.


These are important roles in the school and one which is respected by our school community.