At Padnell Infant School we follow the national curriculum. However, it is enriched and complemented by our vision and values.  Drawing on the interests of the children our creative teaching team develop ‘child led’ topics which teach the children a mix of key skills and knowledge and allow them to find out answers for themselves. To enhance this learning, where possible, a visitor or trip out is planned linked to the learning.  To engage the children further each unit begins with a ‘hook’ and works towards an exciting outcome such as a performance, a museum, a sale in our ‘pop-up’ shop or a presentation to parents.

Knowing that every child learns differently our teachers use a range of teaching styles to ensure all our children are engaged and offer them a choice in how they are going to achieve the learning outcomes.  They are encouraged to think independently, work collaboratively, be resilient and apply their previous learning in a range of ways.  In this way they ‘GROW’ every day and take responsibility for their own learning.

Effective cross curricular links are made where relevant to show our children how the subjects are related and opportunities are taken to learn maths and English in a real life context. Our well-resourced learning environments complete with learning walls and good examples of work ensure children can grow towards working independently and know what success looks like. 

Our extensive grounds, including our unique and enchanted ‘Joey’s Field’ allows us the opportunity to enrich the children’s learning with an abundance of natural and real life experiences. Our two fully trained Forest School Staff deliver a programme that enhances the national curriculum and develops teamwork, communication, problem solving and enquiry in our children.    

Our year teams and subject leaders work together to ensure coverage across our year one and year two groups adapting provision to meet the needs of the learners.  Our subjects may be delivered in a block or through regular weekly lessons or any combination of the two methods based on the needs of the children and the nature of the unit of work.  Phonics is taught using the Letters and Sounds programme beginning in week 1 of year R and our R.E education follows the Living Difference III syllabus.  In line with the new curriculum expectations the learning outcome is the focus of any lesson for all children and differentiation is the method used to get there!  For those who are ready deeper learning opportunities are provided allowing ‘mastery’ of a particular element or skill.

Our teachers closely monitor pupil progress and learning within lessons and over the course of a unit of work. Teachers adjust lessons and units based on this continuous feedback and assessment.  Marking using our ‘think pink’ and ‘great green’ model during a lesson provides immediate feedback to the children allowing them to correct misconceptions immediately or move on in their learning as appropriate. 

We believe that the combination of all of this not only provides our children with memorable ‘childhood’ experiences that they deserve but also inspires lifelong learning and prepares our children appropriately for the future.

Please click for our detailed "Curruiculum Intent for Learning" document.

Year 1 Curriculum Overview

Year 2 Curruiculum Overview

Living Difference - Religious Education agreed Syllabus

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